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Safier Mediation Center provides a neutral, third-party mediator to assist litigants in resolving their disputes.  Our cases come from court-ordered and/or private mediations.  We use a non-adversarial approach to help resolve disputes.  In performing this function we assist the parties in negotiating the outcome so that both of them are satisfied with the resolution. We have been involved in mediations covering the following areas: Consumer-Business...

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Our Process

Understand How We Mediate to Determine of Mediation is Right for You


We do our research and discovery, the building blocks of the dispute, before we even step into the board room to make sure we understand both sides


We listen to both sides and work towards a resolution for the parties with the assistance of their attorneys that is comfortable for everyone


We define the underlying concerns of both parties, identify areas of agreement and incorporate them into our final decision

Mediation Service New Jersey


What is Mediation and a Mediator's Role? Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process in which the mediator-an impartial third party-facilitates discussions between the disputing parties to assist them in arriving at a mutually acceptable settlement. Mediation helps remove some of the stress the parties feel because the process is conducted in a less formal atmosphere than the setting the...

What Our Clients Say

Our Resolutions Speak for Themselves

Mutual Agreement

We were prepared to go to court to settle our dispute, but after a few sessions with Mr. Safier in...

Mutual Agreement

Contracts Mediation New Jersey

As attorneys, we felt it was necessary to find a mediator that would be able to preserve the rule of...

Fair & Just

Mediation Service New Jersey

Mr. Safier listened intently to both sides of the debate and helped us determine the best course of action so...

Careful Listener